Musicians of 17 Countries Call Turkey to Recognize Armenian Genocide


YEREVAN, APRIL 22. ARMINFO. Musicians are not politicians, however,
their voice has a significant influence to call the world and, first
of all Turkey to recognize Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey in
1915, five foreign singers arrived in Yerevan to perform songs of an
Armenian composer Ara Gevorkyan on words of American Daniel Decker
“Adana” at the Memorial of Genocide victims in Tsitsernakaberd
expressed such an opinion during today’s press-conference.

A Finnish singer Inka noted that she is very honored to perform songs
about Turks’ barbarities. She thinks that Armenia is the country of
God, all the peoples went from Ararat and it is unimportant that this
sacred mountain is located on Turkey’s territory now. A Bulgarian
singer Tzvetan Tzvetkov also considers that Turkey must recognize
Genocide, “in fact, not only Armenians’ blood is on Turkey’s
conscience, they shed much blood of Bulgarians and other christian
peoples”. All the performers noted that they are not afraid to become
“persona non grata” for Turkey and will keep their opinion.

“Adana” is performed in Turkish as well. Gevorkyan did not mention the
name of a “valiant and democratic Turk” from considerations of
security. He also informed that “Adana” compact-disk in 17 languages
will be delivered all over the world. Proceeds from sales will be
directed to charity. “Adana” in 5 languages will be performed at the
Yerevan House of Chamber Music APr 23 at 15:00 and in Tsitsernakaberd
at Apr 23-24 night. -r-

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