Tajikistan sees CIS as “very important” factor for regional stabilit

Tajikistan sees CIS as “very important” factor for regional stability

Avesta web site
20 Apr 05

Dushanbe, 20 April: “The consequences of the spread of terrorism and
extremism in the Eurasian region indicate that all the CIS countries
need to consolidate their efforts closely,” the first Tajik deputy
foreign minister, Sirojiddin Aslov, told a news conference in
Dushanbe today.

He said the measures being taken by the CIS states to boost the
activities of the CIS antiterrorist centre and the CSTO [Collective
Security Treaty Organization; members are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia] were a very important factor for
maintaining security and stability in the region.

In turn, Deputy Foreign Minister Abdunabi Sattorov said the issue of
reforming and improving the CIS was currently being considered. He
said the issue was to be discussed at a summit of the CIS heads of
state in [Russia’s] Kazan in August this year.

“As an international organization, the CIS needs radical reforms,”
he said.

Asked whether there was still a need in the CIS, Sattorov said that
Tajikistan advocated the idea of preserving the commonwealth.

“No-one has yet abandoned the mechanisms of the CIS. Nevertheless,
everyone is calling for reforming the organization to make its
activities more effective,” Sattorov said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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