The Illegal To Be Legalized Once More


| 13:07:49 | 18-04-2005 | Social |

A committee consisting of 17 members has been created on the order of
Yerevan mayor Yervand Zakharyan to decide the status of the illegal
buildings in Yerevan. The mayor is factually discontent with the work
of the Committee as on March 1 12 of the members have been replaced
by others. By the way, among those replaced were the head and the
secretary of the Committee.

According to the information of the previous Committee during 2003=2004
17 thousand applications have been introduced to the municipality
about the illegal buildings.

«As you see, the group has worked in rather tense circumstances»,
this was the appreciation of chief advisor of the mayor, head of the
Committee Grigor Melkumyan about the work of the Committee. According
to him, before the changes the mayor created a group supporting the
Committee, with the help of which the 7500 decisions accumulated
during the last 2 years will be given to those who have been waiting
for the mayor’ decision.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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