Individual Partnership with NATO


| 12:50:24 | 13-04-2005 | Politics |


`In the course of army formation and defense improvements we follow the
principle of gradual but firm improvements with the aim of creating till
2015 an army able to carry out the demands of the 21st century and to
provide the military security of the country’, said Arthur Aghabekyan, RA
Deputy Defense Minister during the seminar with the theme `Individual
Partnership Action Plan (IPAP), Armenia’.

General-lieutenant Aghabekyan mentioned that in the course of the defense
improvements that started in RA he finds Security Strategy processing and
its social realizing and approval extremely important. `The military
doctrine will clear out the tasks of the armed forces creating the main
frames for the military improvements’, he says.

`The Defense Ministry will carry out the defense improvements with four
principles – realism of improvements, graduality of improvements,
flexibility and analytics, and democracy’, said Aghabekyan in his speech.

In the joint seminar organized by the Defense Ministry and the Foreign
Ministry representatives of the Security Investigating European Center,
Ambassadors of USA and Germany to Armenia, and representatives of the above
mentioned Ministries took part.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress