ANKARA: Yakis: Armenian Bill Prepared By CDU/CSU Misinformation

Turkish Press
April 12 2005

Yakis: Armenian Bill Prepared By CDU/CSU Is Full Of Misinformation

BERLIN – Parliamentary Commission for Adjustment to the European
Union (EU) Chairman Yasar Yakis said on Monday that the Armenian bill
submitted by German union parties (CDU/CSU) to Federal German
Parliament was full of misinformation.

The Turkish parliamentary delegation, including of members of the
Commission for Adjustment to the EU and the Turkey-EU Joint
Parliamentary Commission met Greens Parliamentary Group Foreign
Policy Spokesperson Fritz Kuhn.

Speaking after the meeting Yakis said the bill which the CDU/CSU
presented to Federal German Parliament on Armenians and the bill
about the excessive force used by Turkish police on individuals were
discussed at the meeting.

Yakis said that there is not one single sentence which does not
contain wrong information in the bill presented by CDU/CSU on
Armenian demands and allegations, noting that, “we expressed our
concern that Turkish-German relations can be damaged in case the
mistakes are included in the bill. We told them that this bill was
not beneficial either to CDU, Turkish-German relations or
Turkish-Armenian relations, but on the contrary, it would be very

Yakis said Kuhn told him that they were also preparing a bill on
Armenian issue, and he offered cooperation in preparation of this
bill. “This cooperation does not mean `listen to us alone. Listen
also to us. We will not stand on the archives of only the Ottomans.
We can present you with the documents from German archives as well.
You may also take documents from the Armenian side. Then, write
whatever you will.“

Yakis said he told Kuhn that the problem of police`s applying to
force was also seen in other countries, and noted that, “I also told
Kuhn that the country should be accused if the government fails to
carry out necessary procedures on the police.“

Yakis said Kuhn told him that such scenes should not often be seen in
a country which is a candidate to the EU.

Yakis said, “we also discussed what kind of cooperation could be
made between Turkey and Germany for Turkey`s progress on the way to
become an EU member. As you know, Greens expend the most powerful and
stable support to Turkey`s EU membership.“

The Turkish Parliamentary delegation will meet representatives of
various parties and Turkish community during their till Thursday.

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