Defence minister tipped to be Armenia’s next president – paper

Defence minister tipped to be Armenia’s next president – paper

Aykakan Zhamanak, Yerevan
9 Apr 05

Text of unattributed report by Armenian newspaper Aykakan Zhamanak
on 9 April headlined “The defence minister is changing his image”

The topic of [Armenian Defence Minister] Serzh Sarkisyan changing his
post is slowly but surely becoming one of the most debated issues in
the country’s political life. In particular, the republic’s ruling
circles are openly discussing this issue trying to present the current
defence minister as Armenia’s next president and are hinting more and
more openly at the possibility of extraordinary presidential elections.

But they do not specify how Serzh Sarkisyan will become president.
What is planned – a palace coup or a flexible revolution by means of
elections? Certainly, few people believe in the second option as it
is difficult to imagine that Serzh Sarkisyan will be elected Armenian
president in fair elections.

The topic of Serzh Sarkisyan’s promotion to a higher post can be
seen as a figment of someone’s imagination, but the whole problem is
that Sarkisyan and his circle are not taking steps to end speculation
about this topic.

On the contrary, the defence minister has decided to change his
image. If earlier he was known as an ignorant, unsympathetic and
ill-mannered person, now he is trying to introduce himself as a mild,
open and pleasant person with a sense of humour.

Serzh Sarkisyan has decided to change his image, this may mean that
he is going to change his post as well. In any case, these processes
might become a serious signal to the opposition, which might lose
the real opportunity to affect domestic political processes because
of their inaction if they cannot draw the right conclusions. Today
the opposition needs to ensure its own ability to act and determine
its own candidate.

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