Andranik Margarian:”Party Is Only An Implement For Solution Of Natio


YEREVAN, APRIL 5, NOYAN TAPAN. The Republican Party of Armenia
has always been in the center of the most important events for
the country, played a direct and decisive part in solution of key
problems. Andranik Margarian, RA Prime Minister, Chairman of RPA
board, declared this at the April 2 meeting in connection with the
party’s 15th anniversary. According to him, RPA has always submitted
party interest to the state one realizing that the party is only an
implement for solution of the nation’s problems. He also emphasized
that being a pro-governmental party the Republican Party was able
to maintain relations with the opposition. This is because from
the first days of Armenia’s independence the party cooperated with
a number of political forces formed in the same period, struggled
for solution of pan-national problems. “We were companions-in-arms
on the battlefield, we were only rivals on the political field but
we have never been enemies.” Mentioning that the country has avoided
destructive shocks by now also owing to the opposition, A.Margarian
gave assurance that “today also the opposition and authorities will
be prudent so as not to lead our 15-year-old state to downfall for
satisfaction of different pretensions by great powers and doubtful
forces.” According to Margarian, “the interests of no other state,
no matter how powerful it is and how tempting material resources it
has, may be higher than the interests of our own state.” “We are
obliged to build our foreign policy on the basis of compatibility
of our interests and goals with other states, never opposing them
to the interests of any state.” Touching upon the party’s position
on settlement of Karabakh problem, RPA Chairman emphasized that
NKR shouldn’t be subordinate to Azerbaijan, NKR’s security should
be provided, RA and NKR should have a common border, the settlement
shouldn’t be implemented at the expense of changing of RA borders, NKR
should be an equal party of negotiations in the process of peaceful
settlement. According to him, the “chief guarantor of peaceful, fair
solution of the problem based on these 5 principles is development
and home stability of the Republic of Armenia.”

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