BAKU: Foreign Ministry should condemn Russian Vice Speaker statement

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
March 30 2005

`Foreign Ministry should condemn Russian Vice Speaker’s statement’

Baku, March 29, AssA-Irada
Official Baku should express its position on the latest statement by
Vladimir Zhirinovski, Vice-Speaker of the Russian Duma (parliament)
and chairman of the Liberal-Democrat Party, which says that `the
self-proclaimed Upper Garabagh Republic may be recognized by Moscow
some day’.
MP Tapdig Kamalov of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party said in a
Tuesday meeting of the Milli Majlis (parliament) that such statements
should be condemned by the Foreign Ministry.
Speaker Murtuz Alasgarov said it is inappropriate to express attitude
in the parliament on the statement by Zhirinovski, who is considered
an insane person in the Russian parliament. He also suggested that
the Foreign Ministry express its stance on the Russian Vice-Speaker’s
Alasgarov also called on MPs to `respond’ to Zhirinovski through the

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