Armenian MP Slates National Science Academy For Poor Work


YEREVAN, MARCH 29. ARMINFO. Armenian Prime Minister Andranik
Margaryan severely criticized today the work of the National Academy
of Sciences of Armenia and its research companies.

The budgetary financing of science has grown from 2.9 bln AMD in 2003
to 4.1 bln AMD in 2005. But active financing is not effective without
specific programs. One should stop asking money for some abstract
things – the Government should know what it gives money for. Only 3-5
and 10-year programs should get financing. Of 40 research companies
operative are 4-5 with their directors have long being of pension age
clinging to their posts and preventing young specialists and managers
to climb up the ladder. Reforms do not mean closing research companies
and firing researchers. “Today we need specific proposals rather than
endless and pointless debates,” says Margaryan.

For this purpose the Government has set up a special commission fo
developing a long-term plan of reforms in science. These reforms will
be given all-out support by the Government. The first step is
additional monthly bonuses to candidates and doctors (5,000 and 10,000
AMD respectively) and this is not the end, says Margaryan.

Inspired by Margaryan’s criticism academic Anry Nersissyan stood up to
charge National Academy President Fadey Sargsyan with falsifying the
results of the last academy elections and misappropriating budgetary
funds. Sargsyan called him a liar.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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