Yerevan 2020

Armenian Daily #053, 26/03/2005



Yerevan’s main plan should be ready by January 1, 2006. That will
become the main urban construction document. Sirekan Ohanian, head
of the Urban Construction Department at RA government, informed
about RA government’s decision. While Gurgen Mousheghian, head of
Yerevannakhagits Institute, represented the main plan of the capital.

Stating that the plan will define the main trends and prospects for
the capital’s development, Gurgen Mousheghian said that the necessity
to adopt that is conditioned by two basic factors. Firstly, Yerevan is
no more a capital of a Soviet republic but a capital of an independent
state. Secondly, our state has passed from planned to market economy.

The main plan envisages that Yerevan should have 1,2 million
of population by 2020, while its area and communities will
remain unchanged, as that was defined in 1996 in the law “On
Administrative-Territorial Division.” No additional territories will
be allocated for Yerevan’s further development. The city will develop
the unutilized areas and ruin the damaged buildings. It is envisaged to
build sports complexes in the suburbs. When building dwelling areas,
it is set up to allocate 20 square meters of area per capita. It is
decided that 180 people should live on 1 hectares.

According to the new plan, no new areas will be allocated for plants
and factories. Gurgen Mousheghian explained this by the fact that
there are large industrial areas in the city and they can open new
plants there.

A new highway network will be built in the capital. The subway will
also function properly.

The mines in the territory of Yerevan will become green parks after
being fully utilized. While the rural lands rich in heavy metals will
be used for construction. Mr. Mousheghian informed that the green
zones will be divided into three parts. The first one will be for
general use; the utilization of the second one will be limited. The
third part will be the special territories, i.e. the forests. He
said that by 2020 the green area per capita will amount to 49 square
meters. The water supply system will be renovated too.

By Ara Martirosian

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