Holy War Against Armenia


12 March 05

According to the Azeri press, Hajigha Nuriev, head of the Islamic
Party of Azerbaijan, stated that Azerbaijan should unfold a holy war
against Armenia to conquer back the occupied territories. “The fact
that 20% of Azeri lands are in the hands of Christians should make
us begin a jihad,” Nuriev said.

By the way, Ilham Aliyev has just returned from Saudi Arabia, a country
that “exports” jihad and terrorism. Ilham Aliyev highly estimated
the policy of that country which is not going to establish diplomatic
relations with Armenia, unless Nagorno Karabakh conflict is settled.

Recently, Vartan Oskanian emphasized that notwithstanding the
determination of the Armenian side, three countries refuse to have
diplomatic relations with Armenia. These countries are Saudi Arabia,
Pakistan and Turkey.

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