The Referendum Is Not Far Away

A1 Plus | 20:28:14 | 04-03-2005 | Politics |


29.3% of the 1500 citizens living in Yerevan and the regions are not
acquainted with the RA Constitution, 25.6% of them is acquainted but
does not understand its content. “The Strategy and National
Investigation Armenian Center” has carried out the first survey
consisting of 22 questions about the Constitutional and electoral

Stepan Safaryan, regulating the results of the investigation of the
centre, representing the results, referred to the elections. According
to him, there is disappointment and growth of non-confidence towards the

74.5% of the participants of the survey considered the 2003 presidential
elections disputable, a little less considered the 1998 presidential
elections disputable, and about half — the 1996 elections. About the
same percent considered the 2003 parliamentary elections disputable.

To the question if they are acquainted with the draft constitution the
overwhelming majority answered no. Let us remind you that the
Constitutional referendum deadline is 2005 June.

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