NKR President Arkady Ghoukassyan: Peaceful Settlement Of KarabakhCon


STEPANAKERT, FEBRUARY 28. ARMINFO. “Peaceful settlement of Karabakh
conflict has no alternative. The life has shown that the war cannot
solve the problem: we have won the war, but the problem still
remains. And the issue’s solution is impossible in conditions of
the continuing mutual hatred.” NKR President Arkady Ghoukassyan made
this statement in the course of his meeting with the teaching staff
of Artsakh State University.

At the same time, the president noted that the parties were not ready
for the problem’s solution. “There are requested and real positions in
the negotiation process; it is clear that non of the parties can get
everything yielding nothing. In other words, a reasonable compromise
is required,” the president said. He pointed out that speaking
of compromises when the parties feel mutual hatred was impossible,
and the hearted was artificially stirred up by Azerbaijan, first of
all. “One can yield to a friend, colleague, opponent, but never to
the enemy,” Ghoukassyan said.

“To improve the situation a relevant propaganda and preparation of
public opinion is necessary,” he said. “Development in our region will
become possible when all the conflict issues are settled. I am sure
that it is possible, just a good will of all the parties is required.”

The president assessed bellicose statements of Baku as blackmail and
an attempt to frighten NKR. He reiterated that NKR was for peaceful
resolution of the conflict, but in case of war, it would be ready to
protect itself. He expressed confidence that Azerbaijani leadership
was well aware of that.

As regards the prospects of the negotiation process, Ghoukassyan
pointed out that the main guilt for lack of active negotiations
within the framework of OSCE MG laid on Azerbaijan that had refused to
negotiate with NKR. He noted, “When the process within the framework
of OSCE MG starts, NKR will participate in it.”

Pointing out the usefulness of the meetings of the presidents and
foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Arkady Ghoukassyan said
that these meetings could not replace the negotiation process within
the framework of OSCE MG. He said that the country had managed to
create bases for democratic development and would create a democratic
state to come out as a country living in conformity with international
standards. “We shall not refuse from our independence,” NKR President