268,000 tourists visited Armenia in 2004


Hotels Magazine, IL
Feb 28 2005

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 28. ARMINFO. 268,000 tourists visited Armenia in
2004, which is 52,000 more than in 2003. Head of Department of Tourism
of the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development of Armenia Arthur
Zakarian informed during the workshop “Novel approaches to cultural
tourism”, organized by the national commission UNESCO of Armenia’s
Foreign Ministry.

According to him, during the last 4 years the visitor-tourists
increased by 4%. At the same time, Zakarian mentioned that 50% of the
tourists visit Armenia to see their friends and relatives. According
to the data of the Ministry, 70% of the tourists are Armenians,
31% of the tourists visit Armenia for the purpose of business (with
diplomatic purpose inclusive), 5% to restore their health and 1% to
get an education. Zakarian also informed that there are 5,000 travel
organizations, travel operators in Armenia. A tourist spends about
$650per day in Armenia.

The participants of the workshop mentioned that for the tourism
development in Armenia it is necessary to attract investments for
expansion of Yerevan’s airport, restoration of roads and other
infrastructures. They mentioned Armenia must seek novel ways of the
tourism development, for which it is necessary to attract investments
for restoration of historical monuments, protection and expansion of
the museum sector, as well as for training of personnel.