Dubai: ”Armenia: Land and Culture”: Presentation by Gulizar Jonian

“Armenia: Land and Culture”: Presentation by Gulizar Jonian

Azad-Hye, Dubai
Feb 28 2005

AZAD-HYE (28 February 2005): “Cross-Culture” is a women group based
in Abu Dhabi, which deals with cultural and social subjects. It hosts
lectures, seminars and presentations for its members and guests.

The last presentation was prepared in January 2005 by Nelly Lama having
the topic: “The Damascene Pilgrimage Caravan en Route to Mecca and
Medina.” Her talk was of special interest, as it took place during
the time of the Haj (Islamic pilgrimage). Spouse of the Lebanese
Ambassador to the UAE Mrs. Dalal Berro hosted the event.

March presentation of “Cross-Culture” will be a talk with visual
support by Mrs. Gulizar Jonian on “Armenia: Land and Culture”. It will
take place on 2nd March 2005, at 10:00 a.m. in the Millennium Hotel,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Armenia, with its strategic location, has been at the crossroads of
history and cross-cultural interaction, which attracted countless
invaders and conquerors.

Gulizar will offer glimpses of the historical background of Armenia
from prehistoric to modern times, with special emphasis on its people
and language, unique alphabet, art and architecture, culture and
religion, which should provide an interesting overview of Armenia
and its rich cultural traditions.

Gulizar Jonian is a businesswoman, architect and individual of many
talents, whom many of you know as the very capable Coordinator of
“Women in Abu Dhabi” (WIAD). She received a BSc degree in architecture
from the University of Baghdad. Gulizar has worked in the fields
of business, architecture and real estate. Besides doing extensive
charity work in Canada and the UAE, she has been a publisher of
children’s books. Gulizar is active also in the IBWG (International
Business Women’s Group Abu Dhabi ), an active group of 140 members
with multinational forum, where businesswomen are able to network
and assist each other in their day to day activities. wishes success to Gulizar Jonian and expects that the
Armenian Council of Abu Dhabi or the Armenian Cultural Association
take note of this event and invite her to present the same and other
valuable lectures to the Armenian public. Maybe it is a sort of
national paranoia, but we rarely have the courage to acknowledge our
own talented people. Jesus was quoted saying in the Gospel of Thomas
“No prophet is accepted in his own village”. As the first nation that
officially accepted Christianity we seem to be faithful to the spirit
of these words.