Commemoration of Sumgait pogroms in Stepanakert

AZG Armenian Daily #036, 01/03/2005

Karabakh diary
A human string headed for the Monument to Sumgait Victims in Stepanakert
from early morning to lay wreaths and flowers. Archbishop Pargev
Martirosian, head of Artsakh diocese of the Armenian Church, served a
liturgy commemorating the victims of Sumgait.
The President of NKR Arkady Ghukasian, chairman of the National Assembly
Oleg Yesayan, PM Anushavan Danielian and members of the government and
parliament visited the monument to pay their tribute and lay wreaths.
Being asked to comment on Khojalu events and Azerbaijan’s strivings to liken
two events, President Arkady Ghukasian said: “I feel pain that a country
where Sumgait tragedy took place speaks of Khojalu. Especially in this case
when the facts of Sumgait massacres are well-known to everyone”. The
president reminded that the Karabakh side opened a corridor for the
civilians in Khojalu and said that they were killed nearby Aghdam and by the
Azeris. He cited the words of former Azerbaijani president Ayaz Mutalibov
noting that this confession leaves no room for doubt that Azerbaijan’s
People’s Front killed people of Khojalu trying to compromise authorities of
the day in order to come to power.
Ghukasian also noted that Azerbaijan’s yearning to turn Khojalu events into
political weapon will do no good for the mutual trust of the sides in the
negotiation process.
A concert by the Artsakh’s State Chamber Orchestra closed the day.
By Kim Gabrielian in Stepanakert

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress