Christian Democrats Submits ‘Armenian Motion’ to Parliament

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INTERNATIONAL 02.28.2005 Monday – ISTANBUL 17:36

Christian Democrats Submits ‘Armenian Motion’ to Parliament

By Foreign News Services
Published: Monday 28, 2005

German Christian Democrats (CDU) who oppose Turkey’s European Union (EU)
membership bid have once again brought the so-called Armenian genocide
allegation to the top of the agenda.

CDU presented a parliamentary motion, which demands a review of Turkey’s
role in the killing of Armenians about 100 years ago. The German government
pressure to increase freedom of expression regarding the so-called Armenian
genocide by Turkey is expected to be included in the motion. Experts noted
that the Christian Democrats Party, which is against Turkey’s full
membership to EU, aims to impede Turkey’s bid. Spokesman for the party’s
foreign relations, Friedbert Pflueger claimed that the word “genocide” is
not used intentionally and that they aim to make Turkey face up to its past.
Members of the CDU who stand affirmation on Turkey’s privileged membership
claim they have aimed to return to normal diplomatic relations between
Turkey and Armenia. Turkish Ambassador to Germany Mehmet Ali Irtemcelik said
that the motion is full of “prejudices, mistakes, serious misinformation,
and one-sided expectations”. The European Court of Justice had recently
overruled a similar initiative. An Armenian foundation in Europe began a
legal action claiming “Turkey’s membership is contradicting EU Laws while
refusing acceptance of the genocide.” However the Court had responded as
“The genocide claim is political, it is not legally binding” and had awarded
the expenses of the trial to the plaintiffs, the Armenian foundation and the
two French citizens. The court remarked during its overruling of the case,
that the matter is a political issue and consequently not legally binding
and it stands as a precedent for any future legal action.