BAKU: Turkey demands closing of Armenian atomic power station

AzerTag, Azerbaijan
Feb 28 2005

[February 28, 2005, 17:02:20]

Taking into account the danger, which the Armenian atomic power station
represents, and its location in the seismic zone, Turkey has demanded
closing of the station. In this connection, Turkey has directed an
official statement to the European Union and the International Atomic
Energy Agency (ÝAEA).

In turn, the European Union also has demanded closing of the atomic
power station in Armenia. Armenia, referring that 30 percent of the
electric power consumed in the country are made at this station,
has stated that it will function until 2016.

Having considered the said statement unsatisfactory, Turkey has lifted
the question in the International Atomic Energy Agency. Having noted,
that concern of Turkey is clear, this structure has declared carrying
out of wide audit on the mentioned question.

Before the International Atomic Energy Agency carried out corresponding
audit in Iraq. It is expected that now such audit will be carried
out in Iran. The states, which hamper work of the experts of Agency
or not carrying out the decisions of the said structure, will face
with the most serious economic sanctions.