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February 28, 2005

Kanach Foundation Publishes New Adventure Guidebook
About Hiking and Climbing in Armenia

YEREVAN–A newly published travel guide, called
“Adventure Armenia: Hiking and Rock Climbing”
documenting hiking trails and rock climbing sites, has
just been released.

The book–the first of its kind to focus on adventure
sports in Armenia–describes interesting climbing and
hiking opportunities that have only been known by very
few individuals even within the country. All
documented sites are clearly organized, featuring
detailed descriptions, directions and topographical
maps for each site.

It features precisely traced routes of hiking and
climbing sites as well as information regarding
elevation changes and distance. Additionally, most
sites can be tracked by GPS as respective coordinates
have been provided for many sites. Hiking trails are
rated by level of difficulty, and the length of time
for completion of a hike is also documented.

“I am really pleased to see that this information
about hiking and climbing sites in Armenia is finally
being made available to anyone interested in outdoor
adventure,” said Jeffrey Tufenkian, co-author of
“Adventure Armenia.” “This guidebook is something that
was in definite need for several years, especially to
hikers and climbers from the West who are looking to
explore places off the beaten track.”

A country of rugged mountains and spectacular scenery,
Armenia offers some of the most challenging as well as
alluring hiking treks and rock climbing opportunities
in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The
nation has a rich cultural legacy, dating back nearly
3000 years. The Armenian people were the first to be
documented as accepting Christianity as a state
religion, and there are hundreds of historic sites
with ruins of Armenian monasteries as well as
churches, some of which are still functioning. Armenia
also offers prehistoric sites of interest, including
the “Armenian Stonehenge” and ancient Roman
architectural structures.

“With this guidebook, we anticipate that more and more
people who have a strong interest in outdoor
adventure, especially from the United States and
Europe, will visit Armenia, thereby boosting the
tourism industry,” Mr. Tufenkian explains. “Armenia’s
natural landscape is rich for attracting hikers and
climbers. It really lends itself to eco-friendly

A summary of Armenia’s history from ancient to modern
times is provided as well as information regarding
current environmental-related issues there. Some
valuable resources are offered at the end of the
guidebook, including a listing of inns in the
countryside for those interested in meeting the local
population and tasting regional cuisine, important
transportation information and even a short
transliteration glossary of common terms focusing on
how to get around.

“Adventure Armenia: Hiking and Rock Climbing” is the
first offering in the Eco-Adventure Series of
guidebooks issued by the Kanach Foundation, an
organization whose aim is to develop and promote
innovative environmental projects, concepts and
entrepreneurial activities that support sustainable
development in Armenia.

Plans are already underway to offer translations of
the guidebook, and an Armenian version has just been

To learn more about “Adventure Armenia: Hiking and
Rock Climbing” visit or send an email
to [email protected].