Indian Govt promises to back ‘good’ films

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Govt promises to back ‘good’ films


BANGALORE: Amid squeaky seats, not-so-good lighting and poor screen
quality, an international children’s film festival started on
Friday. While the fare of films being presented is of international
standard, the festival per se, with no government support, smacks of

However, chief minister Dharam Singh, who inaugurated the three-day
festival at Bal Bhavan, said the government was ready to give all its
support to producers and directors of good films.

When the organisers, Children’s India, pressed for funds, deputy chief
minister Siddaramaiah assured that if quality films were produced, the
government would announce Rs 25 lakh for children’s cinema.

Some 35 films from across the world – Finland, Korea, China, Iran,
Armenia – and films from Indian languages will be screened during the
course of the festival.

Says the president of Children’s India, N.R. Nanjunde Gowda, `The
purpose is to expose children to films from other countries. They
should see other cultures instead of seeing only Tamil, Kannada,
Telugu movies.”

Actor Vishnuvardhan, who greeted the idea of films from across
boundaries and cultures, said films should be education-oriented and
children shouldn’t forget their identity. Organisers said seating is
on first-come-first serve basis. Call 51324898, 51224477.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress