Denver: Armenian family gets legal reprieve

Armenian family gets legal reprieve
By Denver Post Staff

Denver Post, CO
Feb 28 2005

Members of a Colorado Armenian family have gained a legal reprieve
that has removed an immediate threat of deportation hanging over
their heads since last summer.

The Board of Immigration Appeals has reopened the court case for four
members of the Sargsyan family who had been under deportation orders.
An attorney for the Sargsyans will have the chance to try to prove
they should be granted legal residence because they were victims of
human trafficking when they came to the U.S. in 1999.

“My family is finally receiving some justice,” said Gevorg Sargsyan,
who is an honors student at the University of Colorado.

Gevorg, his parents and and three siblings have lived and worked in
Ridgway and Ouray since they came to the United States.

When their friends in rural Ouray County learned the family was facing
deportation, more than 1,500 people signed petitions and chipped in
more than $75,000 to help with the family’s legal expenses.