ANKARA: Turkey complains EU about Armenia’s “Chernobyl to be” Nuclea

Turkey complains EU about Armenia’s “Chernobyl to be” Nuclear Reactor

Journal of Turkish Weekly
Feb 28 2005

The Armenian nuclear reactor in Medzamor can be the next Chernobyl
according to Turkey and EU. Medzamor plant which is 16 km away from
Turkish Armenian border is among the five most dangerous nuclear plants
in the world. Plant’s Armenia-1 and Armenia-2 units were reported to
have problems. The same plant was shutdown in 1988 due to a powerful
earth quake in the Spitak region of Armenia. The nuclear facility is
on the Eastern Anatolia fault.

But after Soviet’s collapse, the plant was restarted in 1995. Armenia
insists on running the nuclear plant. The high risk reactor may cost
millions of Armenian’s life as it was in Chernobyl.

European Union ordered Armenia to close the nuclear plant.
International Environmentalist groups protested Armenia several
times. A possible earthquake may turn a substantial part of Armenia
into a deserted nuclear area.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress