170th Anniversary of the Armenian Church in Singapore

Azad-Hye, Dubai
Feb 25 2005

170th Anniversary of the Armenian Church in Singapore

AZAD-HYE (25 February 2005): The Trustees of the Singapore Armenian
Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator and the Armenian residents of
Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, have decided to honour the 170th
anniversary of the construction of the Church with a series of
Armenian cultural, social and religious events, as mentioned in a
newsletter we recently received.

The planned dates for the celebrations are 10-13 November 2005, with
the attendance of All Armenians Catholicos Karekin II and Archbishop
Aghan Baliozian Primate of Australia, New Zealand and South East

The newsletter says that this early announcement will give everyone
sufficient time to do travel arrangements to Singapore to help
Armenians of South East Asia celebrate and commemorate this historic

It is estimated that some 100 persons may attend the event, mostly
Armenians from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guang Zhou and
Malaysia. Armenians from other countries are encouraged to combine
their business or tourism trips to South East Asia with a stopover in
Singapore during the said period.

About the administrative steps taken so for, the newsletter (which
was issued on 14th February 2005) reports: “We have in the normal
Armenian tradition formed an Event Committee, which have just been
appointed and will, in the course of the next three months, summarize
an event program. The names and designation of the Committee will be
issued with Newsletter No. 2”.

The current newsletter is signed by Norayr D. (Bob) Kevorkian,
President of the Custodian Trustee, Armenian Church of St. Gregory
the Illuminator, Singapore.