`The Blood-Thirsty Nature Of The Azerbaijanis Has Not Changed’



A number of Armenian youth-student organizations have today called the
world society with a letter to give a proper evaluation to the
Sumgayit genocide, massacre acts against Armenians in other
territories of Azerbaijan and to respect the right of sovereignty of
the Artsakh people.

`The first expression of the hateful character of the Azerbaijanis was
the genocide in the city of Sumgayit, which caused tens of victim,
while thousands became invalid or refugee. The only guilt of the
victims was that they were Armenians.

Supported by the inactivity of the Soviet totalitarian regime and the
atmosphere of unpanishability, the Azerbaijanis continued their
massacre-organization actions in Baku and Gandzak, unleashing a real
war against the Arstakh people. Unable to suppress the combat for
independence of the Artsakh people, today the criminal tries to wear
the mask of a victim, violating the historic facts, and speaking about
anti-Azerbaijani violations which have never taken place.

in 2004 in Budapest the Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov killed the
Armenian officer Gourgen Margaryan, which testifies to the fact that
the blood-thirsty nature of the Azerbaijanis has not changed’.

This document has been adopted in the round table and exhibition of
photos organized in connection with the anniversary of the 1988
Sumgayit massacres. It was organized by the Armenian Revolutionary
Federation `Nikol Ahgbalyan’ student union, Analytic center `Sense’
and the Nork House of Armenians