Tehran: Only two ambassadors participate in Khodzhali disaster

IRNA, Iran
February 25, 2005

Only two ambassadors participate in Khodzhali disaster

Tehran, February 25

Ambassadors of IRI of Iran and Iraq Republic participated in a
commemoration service held for disaster victims of Khodzhaliskaya,
held here on Friday by this republic`s ruling party `New Azerbaijan`.

According to a Azeri private tv network on Friday, Executive
Secretary of the Party Ali Ahmadev accused other foreign ambassadors,
who avoided participating at the service, of “Ignoring the prevailing
facts on Karabakh crisis.”

The report, quoting Ahmadev, added if other diplomats, too, had
participated in the service and later on informed their peoples of
the terrible consequences of this disaster, the world community would
have a different reaction towards the Karabakh crisis.

The service was an effort aimed at getting world nations better
acquainted with the Khodzhali disaster, the report continued.

According to Azeri officials, in Khodzhali disaster that happened 13
years ago the Armenian and Russian military forces attacked to the
Azeri town, killing 613 civilians.