Italy computerize Iranian manuscripts

Persian Journal, Iran
Feb 27 2005

Italy computerize Iranian manuscripts
Feb 26, 2005, 17:43

Italian researchers have begun study on old Iranian manuscripts and
handwitten works, according to Italian Iranologist Carloce Rati.

A professor at La Sapienza University in Rome, Carloce said
reaserchers have launched a broad investigation into the Iranian
literary works located all over the world in an attempt to
computerize the masterpieces.

Manuscripts and records dating back to old Iranian Achamanid and
Sassanid era, unearthed in India, Iraq, Armenia and Kurdestan
province have been classified and loaded into computer, since 2003.

Roti, also leading the reaearch team said Italy is interested in
collaborating with Iranian universities and scientific centers to
complete the project.

Rome University highly appreciates the unprecedented breakthrough,
Roti said.