BAKU: European Court of Justice rejects Armenians’ claims

AzerTag, Azerbaijan
Feb 26 2005

[February 26, 2005, 17:21:52]

The Court of Justice of the European Communities has decided at its
sitting presided by judge Koen Lenaerts, to reject the Armenian
community’s appeal urging European Union not to admit Turkey to its
ranks until the so-called `genocide’ allegedly inflicted upon
Armenians by the Ottoman government in 1915 is recognized.

Having described the related resolutions adopted by the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe and a few European parliaments in
1887 as political but not legal, the court has not accepted any of
the Armenians’ arguments, and, moreover, obliged the Armenian
community to cover the court expenses.

According to Turkish political commentators, time for Armenian
worldwide propaganda is over, and the voice of Azerbaijan and Turkey
are heard louder and louder around the world.