ANCA: House Members Honor 17th Anniversary of Karabagh Movement

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February 25, 2005
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— Special Order Speeches Organized by Congressional Armenian Caucus

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Frank
Pallone (D-NJ) and Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) were joined by
Representatives Rush Holt (D-NJ), Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), and
Michael McNulty (D-NY), last week, in speaking out in honor of the
17th anniversary of the Nagorno Karabagh liberation movement,
reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA.) The
House Members stressed their commitment in ensuring a lasting and
peaceful resolution to the Karabagh conflict.

“We join with the people of Nagorno Karabagh, Armenians around the
world, and throughout the United States in thanking Representatives
Frank Pallone, Joe Knollenberg, Rush Holt, Carolyn Maloney, and
Michael McNulty for helping to mark the 17th anniversary of the
Nagorno Karabagh liberation movement,” said ANCA Executive Director
Aram Hamparian. “In 1988, the people of Nagorno Karabagh – at
great sacrifice – were the first to rise up against Soviet misrule,
sparking powerful pro-democracy movements that would bring an end
to the Cold War and ultimately make the United States and the
entire world safer.”

In Special Order speeches organized by the Congressional Armenian
Caucus, the Representatives called attention to Nagorno Karabagh’s
commitment to self-determination and regional peace. In his
remarks, Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chairman Frank Pallone
reviewed the history of Karabagh’s efforts to end Soviet-era
oppression of its citizenry. “During the seven decades of Soviet
rule, the Armenians of NK repeatedly stated to each successive
Soviet regime their desire to be joined against with Armenia.
These peaceful and legal maneuvers were met with violent repression
and forced settlement of ethnic Azeris into NK,” explained Rep.
Pallone. He noted that upon the fall of the Soviet Union, the “NK
population overwhelmingly voted to establish an independent Nagorno
Karabakh Republic, currently known as NKR.” Noting his
participation in an election-monitoring group for the Karabagh
presidential elections, he praised the strengthening of democracy
in the state. “This process is astounding considering that NKR is
not recognized internationally; that they still must deal every day
with Azeri aggression, and that their economy is still devastated
from the war,” stated Pallone.

New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney remarked that “The people of
Nagorno Karabakh courageously defended their right to live freely
on their ancestral lands.” She went on to cite the importance of
ongoing U.S. assistance to Nagorno Karabakh, “which has a vital
role in achieving a peaceful and stable South Caucasus region.”

Rep. McNulty noted that “Nagorno Karabakh continues to strengthen
its statehood with a democratically elected government, a capable
armed forces and independent foreign policy. I stand with the
people of Nagorno Karabakh in celebrating their continuing freedom
and democracy.”

Rep. Holt cited the importance of finding a peaceful and lasting
resolution to the Karabagh conflict. “Just as the people of
Nagorno Karabakh saw the necessity of a peaceful secession from
Azerbaijan seventeen years ago, so too must a peaceful resolution
be achieved with this current conflict. . .The United States will
continue to promote the cause of our democratic friends in Nagorno
Karabakh, not yielding until the goals set forth on February 20,
1988, have been fully realized.”

Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Frank Pallone and Joe
Knollenberg sent a congratulatory letter to Karabagh President
Arkady Ghoukasian, commending the Karabagh people on the 17th
anniversary of the liberation movement and pledging support for
continued efforts to find a lasting peace in the region.

The complete texts of the Congressional statements may be found on
the ANCA website at the following link:

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress