Parl. Supervisory Chamber Expose Most Large-Scale Financial Scam


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 24. ARMINFO. The Armenian Parliamentary Supervisory
Chamber exposed the most large-scale financial misappropriation in
2004 in the sphere of the use of foreign credits. Chairman of the
Supervisory Chamber Gagik Voskanyan informs journalists today summing
up the results of the chamber’s activity in 2004.

In particular, Voskanyan says that the most observed is the practice
of unreturned credits of enterpreneurs issued under various programs
from the funds of foreign capital, as well as the companies which make
more attractive proposals at tenders. The SC exposed a number of
violations in the sphere of privatization as well. Thus, in conformity
with a governmental decision dated 2002 all the unfinished
constructions in the country were to be inventoried and transferred to
the Department for Management of State Property. Voskanyan also called
inadmissible the practice of privatization of facilities of strategic
importance through their bankruptcy and liquidation. Besides, the
privatized enterprises do not fulfill their obligations. For example,
he says, 4 privatized enterprises have not fulfilled their investment
commitments for some $10.7 mln.

He also says that in the park nearing the Institution of Mathematical
Machines after Mergelyan. 1,900 sq/m were transferred to the company
“Artsakh-91” subject to preservation of the green zone. The company
has not fulfilled this condition. Besides, the SC exposed violations
in the sphere of public health, he expresses bewilderment that
“healthy people undergo treatment on the state order.” Voskanyan
expresses doubts that a patient suffered from a heart attack could
recover on the 60,000 drams provided by the state.

Voskanyan also touches upon the inspections in the sphere of state
subsidizing of communities. Thus, in 2004 11.463 bln drams were
allocated to community budgets from the state budget, 11 bln were
provided to communities to equalize their budgets, 66 bln drams
dotations for preferential property tax, 19 bln drams other dotations
and 123 mln drams target allocations. Voskanyan says that mechanism
and principles of these allocations are not regulated. On the basis of
the materials of inspections of the Supervisory Commission to the
Prosecutor General’s Office, in 2004 7 officials were brought
administratively responsible and 4 criminal cases were initiated, with
19 mln drams being returned to the state budget.-m-