‘i Didn’t Think Of The Sin When Painting’

AZG Armenian Daily #035,



The theme of Adam and Eve has been widely used by artists of every times and
every nation. The exhibition entitled “Adam and Eve” opened in the “Bacchus”
art gallery aimed to represent the story of the first human beings from
quite a different viewpoint. Adam and Eve are represented in a unique way,
embodying eternal love or treason. 40 Armenian artists exhibited 85 pieces.
The majority of these pieces is created recently, especially for the
exhibition. Noushik Mikaelian, deputy director of “Bacchus ” art gallery,
stated that Adam and Eve committed the first sin, influencing the
development of the humanity. But one shouldn’t forget that they were the
first human beings of the world and were quite unaware of the norms of
morality. “Today, there are so many sins that we decided to concentrate at
Adam and Eve again and tried to begin everything again,” Noushik Mikaelian
said. The exhibition hall was decorated with apples. The initiators of the
exhibition said that they wanted to create a small paradise in the
exhibition hall and see who will again be tempted and try the fruit of
wisdom. One of the visitors couldn’t stand the temptation and tasted the
apple, but this time without Eve. Samvel Movsisian depicted Adam and Eve on
the same layer. “They can’t be separated,” the painter said. While Zaruhi
Manucharian represented the story of Adam and Eve as a love story. “When
painting, I didn’t think of the sin. Their love is more important,” she

By Arevik Badalian