Evans: Armenian Genocide was first Genocide of 20th century

PanArmenian News
Feb 25 2005


25.02.2005 18:30

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ During the meeting with the representatives of the
Armenian community in San Francisco US Ambassador to Armenia John
Evans spoke of the “importance of the Armenian Genocide recognition”,
IA Regnum reports according to the Armenian National Committee of
America. “Today I will call it the Armenian Genocide”, Mr. Evans
stated. The Ambassador stated that he “has examined the issue of the
Armenian Genocide with the help of Professor Richard Hovhanissian’s
works”. According to the source, Mr. Evans stated that he held
consultations with an attorney from the US Department of State, who
defined the massacres of the 1915 as Genocide. Representatives of the
US Administration and other officials avoided the word “Genocide”
when speaking of the tragedy that took place Turkey at the beginning
of last century, the source notes. “None of the US officials has ever
denied this fact. I just think to play on words in this case would
not fit Americans”, Mr. Evans said. “I believe that things should
called by their proper names, however US’s formal policy towards
Turkey has not changed, as Turkey has some old military ties with
NATO”. “The Armenian Genocide was the first Genocide of the 20-th
century”, The Us Ambassador stated noting that at that time the world
was not ready to give an adequate reaction. “But I would like to
assure you that we are going to work at this problem”, he said. When
touching upon US-Turkish relations, Mr. Evans stated, “we want to
witness development within the Turkish society. Let’s hope that once
views will change”.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress