Commander Andranik As An Eternal Example of Patriotism


6:45:55 | 25-02-2005 | Culture |

“Some years ago the book “Armenians in Turkey” by Tsatour Aghayan was
published where the author told about his meetings in Turkey. There is an
event in this book about Hakob Martayan, chief editor of the Turkish
encyclopedia, whom Ataturk had called “dilachar”, that is – “key of to
tongue”, while he himself had called Ataturk “Father if Turks”.
In a party where Greeks, Germans, Hakob Martayan and Turkish military
leaders were present, Ataturk suggests that each of the present must sing
his national song. The Greek refuses to sing in Greek saying that Turkish
has become his mother tongue, he German sing in German, and when it comes to
Hakob Martayan, he sings the song “Like an eagle you fly.” devoted to
Andranik. The people gathered were looking at Ataturk waiting for one word
to kill the Armenian, but Ataturk simply silences them saying, “I would like
to see if you, Turks, would sing a song devoted to Ataturk while surrounded
by Armenians”. This example was brought today by David Sargsyan, head of the
National Library, in the celebration of the 140th birthday of Andranik.
According to him, the Commander is a symbol of patriotism for our nation.
An exhibition devoted to the 140th birthday of Andranik was organized in the
National Library today, where books, articles and photos about him were