ANKARA: Turkish-American Partnership for Eurasia

Zaman, Turkey
Feb 25 2005

Turkish-American Partnership for Eurasia
By Foreign News Services

Turkey and the US have made an agreement to form a permanent
“consulting forum” on Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia in the frame
of dual “strategic partnership”.

The Turkish ministry of Foreign Affairs deputy General Director for
Russia, Central Asian and Caucasian countries Halil Akinci met with
Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
for European and Eurasian Affairs. The situation of Georgia, the
developments in Russia and Caucasian countries, Upper Karabagh and
the relations with Armenia and energy issues were discussed in the
meeting. Akinci’s meetings were announced as “US-Turkey Strategic
Dialogue” by the US State Department and it is noted that Akinci and
Kennedy talked about Eurasian issues. The statement reads that to
establish a forum for more cooperation on common interests, solutions
to disagreements, energy, and reforms has been agreed on. Their next
meeting will be held in Turkey.