ANKARA: French Diplomat: ‘Turkey must Accept Sevres and Genocide’

Zaman, Turkey
Feb 25 2005

‘Turkey must Accept Sevres and Genocide’
By Cihan News Agency, Anadolu News Agency (aa)

French diplomat Jacques Toubon has told the Turkey-European Union
(EU) Joint Parliamentary Commission that Turkey should accept the
Armenian Genocide and the Treaty of Sevres.

Touban said that the European Parliament had made a decision on the
alleged Armenian genocide and that Turkey would have to accept
responsibility for the genocide in order to be accepted into the EU.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Sukru Elekdag reacted strongly
to Toubon saying that these claims do not reflect the realities,
which should be discussed by historians not by politicians. Turkey’s
Permanent Representative to the EU, Ambassador Oguz Demiralp, also
opposed Toubons speech about the Treaty. Greek diplomat Marios
Matsakis increased the tension by claiming that Turkey had committed
genocide against Armenians, Greeks and Kurds.