Armenia Assisting NATO to Avert Dangers



Today NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus
and Central Asia Robert Simmons came to meet journalists alone though
he was scheduled to give a joint press conference with Armenian
Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanyan. It turned out that the Minister has
caught a cold and slightly ails.

Robert Simmons said he is satisfied with the level of the cooperation
between Armenia and NATO and also introduced the NATO
Officer-Coordinator, who will assist to the working out and
implementation of the program of NATO-Armenia cooperation, to the
Armenian leadership.

`Armenia is assisting NATO to combat the threats we are facing,’
Robert Simmons noted.

Mr. Simmons highly appreciated the decision of the Armenian leadership
to send a contingent to Iraq. When touching upon Armenia’s being a
CSTO member-state he stated that NATO and CSTO are not rival
organizations and advised not to mix NATO’s historical relations with
the former USSR republics including today’ s Russia.

NATO Secretary General’s Representative said that NATO is open for
those states, which meet the accepted standards. Presently 3 states –
Albania, South Macedonia and Croatia – are aspirants for NATO
membership. Mr. Simmons also noted that the three South Caucasian
stated expressed wish to join NATO.