`Saying `Turk’ I Understand Genocide …



`The Genocide is one of the meanest things that could ever happen:
victims, tears, sufferings, pain. But the Turks today are not guilty
for what their ancestors did in 1915. Saying `Turk’ I immediately
understand «Genocide’, but I’m not full of hatred towards the Turks’,
said Armine, a pupil of 9th form of the school after Javorov.

Another pupil of the same class, Anahid, does not hate the Turks
either. For her, a Turk is simply the representative of another

But not all the pupils have the same point of view. For example,
Mariam, a pupil of the 7th form, says, `I consider them an enemy,
because they have killed innocent people without reason, for their
profit. Genocide is something like greed, when people are not content
with what they have and wish for more.’

Today the pupils of the school after Javorov stood up in a moment of
silence in honor of the memory of the victims of the Genocide.

The Armenian National Philharmonic organizes concert – actions in
different schools of Yerevan devoted to the 90th anniversary of the
Armenian Genocide. The aim of the action is not only to represent
songs but also to awaken the heroic spirit in the younger generation.

Today in the school after Javorov actor Vladimir Abajyan, singers
Arsen Haroutyunyan, Ayda Sargsyan and Anna Khachatryan and
doudouk-palyer Haroutyun Gevorgyan represented their art to the