Azeri Students Visiting Armenia


23 Feb 05

The Union of Youth Clubs of Armenia has organized its second regional
program that will include representatives from Azerbaijan as
well. Azerbaijani Hamlet Ismailov from the Center of Social Diplomacy
and Tolerance stated last year in Armenia that bilateral visits are
necessary. Ismailov is participating in “Human Rights Study for
Minority Young Leaders” regional student program that launched today
in Lusakert.

Head of the Union of Youth Clubs, Atom Mkhitarian, thinks that the
fact that Ismailov and another Azeri, Leyla Masmaliyeva, participate
in the program speaks well for the previous program’s success. The
program that hosts 20 representatives from Georgia, Azerbaijan,
Russia, Nagorno Karabakh as well as Kurds, Yezids, Ossetians, Ajars,
Abkhazians was sponsored by European Council. The program is set to
disclose the role of national and religious minorities inthe processes
of regional integration, the minority rights in the global context of
human rights and the importance of young leaders’ activity in solving
piles of issues.

During 5 days of the program participants will meet the staff of the
Armenian ombudsmen, officials from the Department of National and
Religious Minority Issues and will elaborate mutual programs. Atom
Mkhitarian noted that this year the number of applicants from
Azerbaijan was 5-6 contrary to last yearâ=80=99s number, and they had
to choose among them. Mkhitarian considered it possible that students
from Artsakh and Azerbaijan will elaborate a mutual program.

By Tamar Minasian