ANKARA: Greek, Armenian Support Pollock’s Turkey Article

Zaman, Turkey
Feb 22 2005

Greek, Armenian Support Pollock’s Turkey Article
By Zaman

Armenians and Greeks living in the US have provided significant
support to Robert L. Pollock for his heavy criticism of Turkey in an
article published on February 16th in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ),
which has a circulation of two million.

The Greek American Society distributed the article to US Congress
members they are close to. Anti-Turkish comments flourished in
response to Pollock’s article. Many e-mails supporting Pollock’s
views were posted on the WSJ’s website. Armenians mostly
congratulated the author for his work but there was a weak response
from Turks. One reader named David Govett wrote: “Turkey cannot be
the sick man of

Europe because it has never been a part of Europe. Ataturk’s
initiatives to modernize Turkey were as successful as Crazy Peter’s
Westernization attempts on Russia.” Armenian readers interpreted that
Turkey’s was the sick man of Europe not just because of its hostility
towards the US, but also because of its rejection of the “Armenian
genocide.” According to another reader, Robert Roughsedge, Kurds are
much more significant for Armenians now.

Pollock described Turkey as “small-minded, paranoid, and marginal.”