Design for Cafesjian Art Museum Receives Government Approval

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Yerevan, Armenia
February 21, 2005

Design for Cafesjian Art Museum Receives Government Approval

Architect David Hotson’s Innovative Plans Welcomed with Eager
Anticipation Minneapolis, MN and Yerevan, Armenia

The Cafesjian Museum Foundation is pleased to announce that the
architectural design for the Gerard L. Cafesjian Museum of Art has
been approved by the City of Yerevan. Construction of the Museum is
anticipated to begin in this Spring.

`I am very happy that the project has passed this important step in
the development process. David Hotson’s design adds something exciting
and new to Yerevan and is wonderfully incorporated into the existing
site. I am very grateful to RA President Kocharian for his continued
support of this project, to Yerevan Mayor Yervand Zakharian, Chief
Architect Samvel Danielian, and the staff of the City of Yerevan for
their active assistance in the approval process. This is an exciting
day for all Armenians,’ said Mr.Cafesjian upon hearing the news.

`I would like to express my appreciation that our capital will have a
new and impressive structure. Our ongoing cooperation with the
Cafesjian Museum Foundation will result in the continued prosperity of
our city. We are full of hope that this newly-built museum will
complement the city’s architecture and will further energize our
capital’s cultural life’, – saidYerevan Mayor Yervand Zakharyan.

`It is a privilege to have the opportunity to respond to this
remarkable site. To be able to interact with the symbolic landmarks of
Armenia visible from the site, complete an urban circulation path, and
to develop a home for such an important art collection, is an
exceptional opportunity.’ Said Architect David Hotson.

The design treats the principal Museum building as an extension of the
Cascade, completing an animated pathway linking Tamanyan Park to the
Monument Terrace by exterior stairways and interior escalators. The
Museum and Art Center will provide a public plaza, ornamental pool,
sculpture courts, a café and an exterior cinema, consisting of over
12,000 square meters of public space, all accessible to passers-by as
well as visitors to the Museum itself. A prominent glass tower,
housing the Cafesjian Art Collection , creates a vivid emblem for the
Museum on the skyline and compositionally balances the cinema screen
while preserving the central visual access of the Cascade. The museum
building will provide more than 12,000 square meters of interior space
and 5,000 square meters of exhibition space.

About CMF

The Cafesjian Museum Foundation was founded in April of 2002 by the
Republic of Armenia and Gerard Cafesjian for the purpose of developing
a world-class international museum of art and a cultural center for

About David Hotson

David Hotson is the Principle Architect of David Hotson Architects of
New York City, USA. His high profile clients include the United
Nations, Eyebeam Atelier, Architect Santiago Calatrava, and United
States President Bill Clinton.

More information is available at the Cafesjian Museum Foundation

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