Armenia Proposes Easing Free Export Regime with Russia


2005-02-20 17:47

YEREVAN, February 20 (RIA Novosti) – In 2005, Armenia plans to
introduce amendments to the agreement on free trade with Russia,
announced head of the department for trade and services under the
Armenian Ministry of Trade and Economic Development Gagik Kocharyan.

“We propose lifting the procedures of making lists of goods subject to
the free trade regime, and also lift the limitations on the re-export
of goods from Russia, as many CIS countries do,” Mr. Kocharyan stated.

In addition, he said that the changes would be made to an article in
the agreement that differentiates the regimes of bilateral trade for
state and private sectors. In accordance with the agreement signed in
1993, the state-controlled trade enjoys the most preferred status
compared with tradein the private sector. Mr. Kocharyan proposes
applying the same regime for both sectors.

He announced that all issues would be discussed during the next
meeting of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental committee on
economic cooperation scheduled for the summer 2005.

“I think that our proposals will not cause a lot of discussions or
controversy, and will be passed without difficulties,” Mr. Kocharyan

According to the Armenian National Statistics Service, the volume of
trade turnover between Armenia and Russia in 2004 dropped by 10.6% to
$266.2 million.