Against Rough Bribery



The meeting of the Armenian Progressive Party decided today that they
will do everything to make Turkey confess the Genocide in 1915 and to
make everyone consider Kharabak as an integral part of Armenia. But
they did not mention HOW they are going to carry out the plan.

Tigran Urikhanyan, head of the APP, said, ┬źRevolution is possible in
Armenia┬╗, and then commented. ┬źRevolution of wheat, revolution of
science, education, culture, revolution of abilities, revolution of
the new generation, of best customs, revolution of honesty and
kindness, and not that of authorities┬╗.

According to Urikhanyan, this is a new revolution, which happens every
day, every moment, step by step, with every new productive company.

The leader of APP thinks that it must be done very quickly, with
radical measures, but without shatters.

Mr. Urikhanyan thinks that people will take into consideration that
country the citizen of which realizes that the seat belts of a car are
not for the policeman but for his own safety. ┬źThey will sign
agreements only with the countries which can format both Balzac and
Dostoyevsky, both Raffi and Chirvanzade, both Socrates and Seneca,
both Narekatsi and David Anhakht in the soul of a person┬╗.

By the way, Tigran Urikhanyan blames neither the authorities nor the
opposition. ┬źThey combat against corruption but they are unable to do
anything against it as we have no corruption in our country, we have
downright, rough bribery┬╗.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress