ANKARA: Lawyer Pekmezci Denounces Pamuk

Lawyer Pekmezci Denounces Pamuk

Anadolu Agency, Turkey
Feb 18 2005

KAYSERI – Orhan Pekmezci, one of lawyers affiliated with the Kayseri
Bar, denounced famous writer Orhan Pamuk to the Chief Prosecutor’s

In an interview with the A.A on Friday, Pekmezci said, “Pamuk
formulated baseless allegations against Turkey in an interview with
a Swiss newspaper.”

“I strongly condemn Pamuk who said, ‘no one can talk about these,
but I will tell them. 1 million Armenians and 30 thousand Kurds
were killed in Turkey’. He insulted the Republic of Turkey, Turkish
parliament and government, and military forces with his words. Also,
his statement causes hatred and enmity among people. Therefore,
I denounced him to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office in Kayseri,” he added.

Earlier, Pekmezci applied to the European Court of Human Rights
(ECHR) for annulment of decision of the French parliament recognizing
so-called Armenian genocide.