Ambassador to Armenia to Visit Fresno State

Fresno State News, CA
Feb 18 2005

Ambassador to Armenia to Visit Fresno State
Friday, Feb. 18

When: Friday, Feb. 18, 1 p.m. reception and media availability
Where: Viticulture and Enology Center conference room, 2360 E.
Who: Ambassador John Evans, U.S. State Department and USAID
Backgrnd: Background Links

Fresno State Armenian Studies Program

Official site: Embassy of the United States, Yerevan, Armenia

Armenian Agribusiness Education Fund

John Evans, who named U.S. Ambassador to Armenia in August 2004, is
making a 10-day trip throughout the country to visit
Armenian-American communities. He requested a visit with Fresno State
faculty and staff who have participated in the university’s various
programs and exchanges in Armenia.

Fresno State’s connection with Armenia goes back more than 20 years
and includes:

Dr. Dickran Kouymjian, director of Armenian Studies Program at Fresno
State, served as Fulbright scholar in Armenian in 1987. Fresno State
has one of the most active Armenian Studies Programs in the United

A variety of student/faculty exchanges with Yerevan State University
over the years.

Fresno State will coordinate first summer study program in Armenia in
fall 2005 and a full semester study course in spring 2006.

President John Welty visited Yerevan in May 2004 and signed a
memorandum of agreement with both Yerevan State University and
Armenian Agricultural Academy to promote further student and scholar
exchange, develop cooperative research initiatives and additional
teacher training programs.

Fresno State just completed 5-year federal grant: “NIS College and
University Partnership Program” – between faculty of business
programs at Fresno State and Yerevan State Universities.

Fresno State was primary university contractor to USDA MAP from
1996-97, providing leadership in curriculum reform at Agricultural
Academy, faculty training
and creating initial concept for the Agribusiness Teaching Center.

Fresno State serves as headquarters for the Armenian Agribusiness
Education Fund, designed to provide sustainability to agricultural
education initiatives currently under way in Armenia. This summer,
Fresno State winemaster Ken Fugelsang will travel to Armenia to
present viticulture and enology workshops for farmers and educators.

Fresno State has one of the most active Armenian Studies programs in
the United States.

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