Russia wants to settle conflicts on post-Soviet territory


RIA Novosti, Russia
Feb 17 2005

YEREVAN, February 17, (RIA Novosti) – The settlement of all conflicts
on post-Soviet territory meets our national interests, Russia’s
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said while negotiating with Armenian
Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanyan.

The Russian Foreign Minister suggested that he and Mr. Oskanyan
discuss issues of bilateral relations, as well as the implementation of
presidential proposals. We maintain partner-like and allied economic
relations and those in the field of security, Mr. Lavrov went on
to say.

This is a historic visit, Mr. Oskanyan noted, reminding that this
was Mr. Lavrov’s first visit to Yerevan as Russia’s Foreign Minister.

You had first visited Yerevan in 1993 as Deputy Russian Foreign
Minister, Mr. Oskanyan noted. Many things have changed since then,
with Russia playing its role in the course of such changes, Mr.
Oskanyan added. We have managed to build top-level relations over
this period. Right now, our relations amount to strategic partnership,
Mr. Oskanyan went on to say.

Armenia and Russia lack any political differences, Mr. Oskanyan
stressed. We share common regional and global interests, he said
in conclusion.