Armenian youth determined to gain Genocide recognition


Feb 17 2005

YEREVAN, 17.02.05. The youth divisions of Armenia`s political parties,
student councils, and a number of non-government organizations (NGOs)
released a joint statement on Tuesday condemning the Turkish media for
deliberately distorting historical facts about the Armenian genocide.

The deputy head of the Armenian NGO youth division, Abraham
Bakhchagulian, said youth must work for the recognition of the Armenian
genocide, and are ready to organize various events to attain that
goal. He said it is inadmissible to talk about the Armenian genocide
in a dismissive manner, as the Turkish mass media and political elite
do, in order to hinder the process of the international recognition
of the Armenian genocide.

`We condemn the activity of the organizations and people who aim
to cast doubt on the Armenian genocide and impede the process of
condemning this crime against humanity. Armenian youth are determined
and united in its position to promote the recognition of the Armenian
genocide,` the statement reads.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress