News From Shushi Region


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
17 Feb 05

Last year significant repair works were carried out in the town
and region of Shushi. According to the vice head of the regional
administration S. Harutiunian, Ghazanchetsots Street and the roofs of
several houses damaged from wind were repaired, a new water pipeline
was built in Ghondaghsazian Street. Gasification of flats is going
on. Reconstruction of the school building in the village of Lisagor
was completed, and now the home of culture is being repaired. ***
At last one of the vital problems of the inhabitants of Shushi was
solved. The town will have a regular bus line connecting Shushi with
Stepanakert. The inhabitants of the town and regional center the most
closely situated to the capital will no more have to hitchhike to
Stepanakert. *** Up to now only the buildings of the secondary schools
after Abovian and Muratsan in Shushi had central heating. Recently
the central heating system of the regional administration building
has been operated. *** The reconstruction of the housing resources of
Shushi is going on. In 2004 42 people requested the City Hall of Shushi
to provide half-ruined apartments to them to repair on their means. Of
them15 have already carried out reconstruction. After creating minimum
housing conditions within six months the apartments are legally owned
by them. During the reconstruction works the preservation of the
architectural style is controlled by the specialists of the City Hall.