Armenian lawmakers favor same-sex marriage ban, dual citizenship rig

Armenian lawmakers favor same-sex marriage ban, dual citizenship rights

The Associated Press
02/16/05 16:47 EST

YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) – Lawmakers discussing plans to amend Armenia’s
constitution expressed broad support Wednesday for a ban on same-sex
marriages and for the removal of a clause outlawing dual citizenship.

Calls for an official ban on same-sex marriages won unanimous support
from both pro-government and opposition lawmakers in talks on proposed
amendments in the ex-Soviet republic’s 1995 constitution.

Legislators showed similar backing for a plan to remove a clause
barring Armenia citizens from holding citizenship of another country,
a significant change for the small country of about 3.2 million that
has a massive ethnic diaspora worldwide.

Parliament factions are holding preliminary discussions on proposals
for constitutional changes. If they can agree on a single draft,
it would face a vote in the legislature and then put to a nationwide
referendum, possibly later this year.

Debates have been calm, but the contentious issue of the division of
powers has not yet come up for discussion. The opposition wants to
limit the powers of the president and strengthen the parliament.

Armenian voters rejected a package of proposed constitutional
amendments, including one allowing dual citizenship for members of
the Armenian diaspora, in a May 2003 referendum.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress