The Armenian Culture Is Purposefully Destroyed In Georgia



Because of the state indifference the Javaxq cultural centers are in
danger, says the agency «A-Info».

If at the end of the 19th century the famous Armenian theatres of
Axalqalaq and Axaltsxa were still operating, during the Soviet reign
they were closed turning into self-operating groups. After the collapse
of the Soviet Union these groups too ceased to exist.

For a long time no Armenian plays have been staged in Javaxq. Groups
from abroad do not come here either. This year the Armenian National
Dramatic Theater intends to go to Axalqalaq but the financial problem
has not yet been solved.

The museums are also in very sad condition. There are 4 museums
in Axalqalaq and Ninotsminda, two of which â~@~S the Axalqalaq
provinciological museum and the house museum of Vahan Teryan in Gandza,
are popular in the cultural society. If the house museum of Vahan
Teryan has recently been reconstructed, the building of the Axalqalaq
provinciological museum is in danger of being deconstructed. Besides,
because of the indifference of the authorities, unique exhibits are
disappearing from museums.

The same happens with the libraries. The doors are closed, but the
books become less.