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by Gilda Buchakjian-Kupelian

NEW YORK, NY-Students at the Siamanto Academy of the Armenian National
Education Committee recently had the privilege to attend a most edifying
lecture by ethnomusicologist Krikor Pidedjian, and participated in the
second session of a theatrical workshop with acclaimed actress and producer
Nora Armani.
Mr. Pidedjian’s lecture focused on the work of Gomidas Vartabed on the
occasion of his 135th birthday. A Gomidas specialist and the author of
several authoritative books and articles on the various expressions of
Armenian music, Mr. Pidedjian introduced Gomidas Vartabed as the cleric who
rescued ancient Armenian songs from extinction by gathering them from remote
villages. A special part of the presentation included Mr. Pidedjian’s own
collection of books, awards and original music by Gomidas, including a
recording in his own voice and a sample of his handwriting.
Siamanto Academy students attended the second session of the highly
awaited theater workshop conducted by Nora Armani. Principal Krikor
Lakissian introduced the renowned guest, who hails from Egypt, and who has
had an auspicious presence on the European, Middle Eastern and American
stage and silver screen, garnering several awards for her work. Ms Armani
divided the students into small groups and led movement and vocal exercises.
An enthusiastic question and answer period followed.
The above programs are indicative of the rich, cultural exposure given
to the students of the Siamanto Academy. In an effort to benefit a larger
circle of Armenian youth, the Academy is seeking to include students from
Philadelphia and alumni from the New Jersey Nareg Saturday School in
sessions conducted by guest lecturers. Furthermore, Siamanto Academy
students have been invited to participate in the Hamazkayin of New York
chorus in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Genocide.
Mr. Lakissian thanked the presenters on behalf of the Armenian National
Education Committee and the Siamanto Academy. “Your expert and captivating
presentations, which will be remembered by the students with pride, are an
important part of their education,” he said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress