Armenian New Times party poised to stage “national revolution”

Armenian New Times party poised to stage “national revolution”

9 Feb 05

Yerevan, 9 February: The Armenian New Times party intends to stage a
national revolution in spring this year, the board of the party said
in a statement released today.

The worsening domestic political situation in Armenia, which is the
result of rampant corruption, connivance and impunity, will lead to
a revolt, the statement noted. It was also said that the party would
start preparations for early parliamentary and presidential elections.

Despite our calls, with the authorities’ connivance, the domestic
political crisis was exacerbated further this year, which can be
clearly seen in the evident union of the criminal world and the ruling
political elite. Instead of carrying out structural reforms proposed
by us, the Armenian authorities have aggravated the political crisis,
suffering defeats both in domestic and foreign policy.

The New Times party said it was important to carry out a national
revolution and noted that in order to get out from the current critical
situation, this revolution should be implemented either by the “top
echelons” or the “lower echelons”.

Revolution by the “top echelons” implies the implementation of radical
reforms – the parliament should be dissolved and a new government
should be set up on the party principles.

“But since the radical reforms suggested by us are not being
implemented, the board of the New Times party states that a party
congress will be held in the end of March which will outline some
strategic tasks and the party will start carrying out the national
revolution with the participation of masses,” the statement said.